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High Country Chocolate

Coconut Rough block

Coconut Rough block

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A high country twist on the classic coconut rough!

A block of creamy Belgian milk chocolate, featuring coconut toasted in Beechworth saffron.

This block is rough and delicious.


Each block contains 100g of chocolate. 


This product contains the following allergens: milksoy. May also contain traces of gluten and nuts.


It's the snap of beautifully tempered chocolate, contrasted with a soft, smooth centre. It's the beautifully balanced flavours, and chocolates with flavours you've never experienced before. That's High Country Chocolate.

Please note: Chocolates can be a bit fragile with handling and different weather conditions. Products are sent in good condition and all effort is made to help them arrive in a similar condition. Unfortunately we can't provide refunds or take returns for any products damaged in transit. Thanks for your understanding.

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